mardi 5 octobre 2010

Dilston Physic garden

This spring I made the trip up to Northumberland with my father to visit Elaine Perry and the Dilston Physic garden. Elaine and the garden were very inspiring and the link for HSF was instant.
This contemporary physic garden is the inspired creation of Professor Elaine Perry, a neuroscientist at Newcastle University who directs research into plant medicines. It occupies a tranquil site above the Devil's Water at Dilston in the Tyne Valley. Herbs and trees with properties for health and healing grow in abundant quantities, clearly labelled with regularly updated information on their traditional uses and scientific, clinical evidence.
Elaine was at the beginning of setting up some herbal tea testing trials when we met and we decided it would be a good idea to work on them together as a HSF project, carrying out the trials in France and the UK. It is one of HSF's first concrete projects, if you are interested in being a volunteer please contact Elaine through her web site if you are in the UK or contact HSF if you are in France.

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  1. Many neuroscientist suppose that herbalism can make you healthy. I agree because it is natural medicine. I appreciate Herbalism