lundi 22 février 2010

Lake Titicaca 3800 metres above sea level

This is a primrose called Primula magellanica.
I believe this is a Gentiana sedifolia
This little yellow flower is very frustrating as it seems so familiar and yet I can not find it.....any suggestions?
This is a Austrocylindropuntia subulata, commonly known as Eve's pin cactus it is native to the higher regions of Eucador and Peru.

This tiny, grey plant was growing on the side of the rocks above lake Titicaca, it was covered with tiny scales that were only visible with my magnifying glass.....I do not know what it is, I even thought of a sort of lichen.
I think this could be a lamiacée, again seems familiar but I need more time to research, will keep you updated.

The cultivated lines in this photo are different varieties of potato, there are apparently over 3000 different pototoes in Peru, we were lucky to be there in the flowering season, lines of rose, purple and off white flowers were everywhere, being, alongside quinoa, their basic crop.

Don't talk to me about the next photo, at first I was sure it was a Papavaracaea, which wouldn't be difficult to determine with the help of internet, well I can not find it any where, although I am still pretty sure it is a member of the poppy family.
We visited the Lake from both the Peruvian and Bolivian sides, the fauna and flora are exceptional, many of the plants had similarities to French alpines, that is to say , they were samll, hairy and growing compactly.

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