dimanche 7 mars 2010

Photo gallery of South American flora that I haven't yet identified, suggestions welcomed!!

These three photos of blue flowers were taken in the area around Sorata in Bolivia (2400 metres). The first photo is a convolvulus commonly known as bindweed or mornng glory, there are over 250 varieties and I do not know exactly which one this is. The second photo looks like a Liliaceae, I think it is a wild iris from the Limniris subgenus, which means that they do not have bearded sepals.

This spiky plant is an Adesmia spinosissima, a native to Chile from the region between Santiago and Copiapo.

Perhaps a Liliaceae?

Looks like a violaceae to me?

This yellow flower with it's strangely formed flowers was photographed around lake Titicaca at an altitide of about 3800 metres.

Blue flower taken in the Pisqou-Elqui Valley, Chile.
Orange flower is a Alstroemaria aurantiaca from the Amaryllidacaea family, commonly known as the Inca's Lilly.

Tiny bush growing on altiplano, Bolivia.

Photo is a bit blurry, this plant was growing around lake Titicaca I think this is a Gentiana, but which one? Growing around Lake Titicaca, Peru at an altitude of 3800 metres

I photographed this flower high up in the sandy hills above Potosiin Bolivia (4800 meters), most proberly an Asteraceae looking at its involucre.

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