mercredi 23 décembre 2009

Chilean Palm (Jubaea chilensis)

The Chilean palm, .
found throughout Chile: It is an imposing palm due to it's height, which can reach 25 metres and 1.3metres in width. The bark is smooth and the tree is often larger from the middle to the higher part of the trunk. Its natural habitat is along the steep slopes of ravines and ridges in the mixed woodlands of Central Chile.
The trees sap is used to make a fermented drink, known as palm wine. The sugary sap is also used to make what is known as palm honey (miel de palma). The so-called honey is made from a traditional recipe consisting of palm sap, coconut milk and cane or corn sugar, these ingredients are boiled down into a treacle-like consistency. The problem with the fabrication of both these products is that the palm has to be felled to extract its sap, this has resulted in the diminuition of wild palms in the Central chile region.

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