samedi 12 décembre 2009

Mapucha pharmacy

I had read on the internet about a pharmacy run by a certain Dr Taborga, of Mapuche origin (native Indian), after having studied conventional medicine, he decided to go back to his roots and healing with herbs. He has several pharmacies in Chile and whilst in Santiago I decided to visit his Pharmacy Makelwan to try and find out more.
The pharmacy is in the centre of busy Santiago, Sn Antiono 228, Santiago.
Rather disapointingly, the actual shop is like any other, selling Weleda products and other such like articles that one does not expect to see in a Mapucha Indian herbalist shop in central Chile.
The saleswoman was also a diapointment as she answered our questions in monosyllables and stated that she was just there to sell so basically couldn't tell is anything about the fabrication and origin of the herbal medicines.
We did however gleen that the plants are collected in the Temuro region in the south of Chile and transformed into teintures using mainly fresh plant material. She gave me a list of these teintures and their actions. The only plants in evidence were some rather faded sachets including faded lavender flowers and calendula flowers.
I haven't given up hope of finding out some more about Mapuche plants, I am now in Valpairiso and there is one of Dr Taborga's chemists here, I plan a visit tomorrow and will keep you posted.

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  1. Hi Cathy ! I'm so pleased I can read your blog-entries about herbalism. Chile sounds really rich and fascinating !THANKS for sharing your adventures with us, left back in cold France ;o)

    Did you finally managed to learn more about Mapuche medicine ? Don't you think it may be sort of "secret" ??

    I'm really looking forwards reading more about it...