vendredi 11 décembre 2009

Saffron Walden Labyrinth

I know this may appear disconnected to the main topic but this labyrinth really does deserve a mention. Our trip to South-America begins in England, our flights leave from London and as I am English, this provides a good excuse to spend a couple of nights in my childhood town....Saffron Walden , Essex.

The ancient turf labyrinth is situated on the common in Saffron Walden, the first records mentioning it date back to 1699. It is officially not a maze as you cannot get lost, in fact it is a geometric form of brick paths 1.5kms long. It is on the same ley line as the large church , which itself links up with other churches and power points in the Essex countryside.

I have always done this labyrinth on each return visit to Saffron Walden. I do it as a meditation concentrating on any questions I may have and the people I want to call protection for, once I have spiralled myself and the earth energy into the middle of the labyrinth, I take a few minutes to align myself by focusing in the direction of the church. I then begin the journey back (it is not advised to do follow the labyrinth in just one direction, as the energy is activated but needs to be bought back at the end). I empty any thoughts from my mind and then in a meditative silent state I listen to any advise or information that might arise from my subconscious.

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